The daughter of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise declared herself

The adoptive daughter of one of the most beautiful couples of Hollywood, and now ex-spouses, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, long in the shadow of his mother, became a business lady. The grown up Isabella has decided to become the designer and has already let out the line of clothes BKS, with uncomplicated decoding of a name - Bella Kindman Cruise. The idea of ​​a young designer is quite original, - Isabella is going to sell exclusive T-shirts with prints on her personal sketches in her own online store.

Modest stylist

A girl that star parents adopted in infancy, since childhood she showed artistic ability and dreamed of becoming a famous artist. But with the profession of the artist the girl did not work out, and she became a stylist.

Isabella was pleased with the work in the barbershop sphere, besides, she felt free from the influence of the glory of her famous mom and dad. The girl, even getting married, did not invite a single parent to marry. And after the wedding with her new husband, Max Parker, Isabella settled in a quiet area in south London. For several years she worked in an ordinary beauty salon and was quite happy.

A new life without old grievances

However, now Isabella has given vent to ambitions and decided to seriously engage in design work. And, despite the long gap in relations with her mother after her divorce from Cruz, the girl decided to make peace with Nicole.

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Recall, one of the main reasons for the disruption of relations between the spouses were disagreements in the issues of raising children and, in particular, the attitude to Scientology, religion, which is practiced by Tom Cruise. The star pair, in addition to Isabella, has a son who also decided to stay with his father after the parents' divorce. Kidman herself subsequently married Keith Urban and gave birth to two daughters - Sandy and Faith.