Short haircuts 2014

"A new hairstyle - a new life" - this phrase is familiar, perhaps, to every woman. After all, any of us, at least once in my life, probably had a situation when I wanted to change ... well, just everything in this life, or at least what to change in our power, and we, with an expression of desperate determination on our face, sit down in an armchair to the hairdresser. In general, the desire for change and improvement, in the opinion of psychologists, is inherent in the most feminine nature. And if you want to create a modern, but feminine image, without having the opportunity to spend a lot of time for this every day, the best choice is a short haircut.

Stylists of well-known brands offer a fairly wide range of fashionable short haircuts of 2014, which allows you to choose the actual options for short haircuts for women of all ages and with any form of face.

Kare, Bob and hairstyles based on them

The confident leader of the hit parade "fashion short haircuts of 2014" is a short cut of the square. Completed with a clear observance of geometric shapes, with bangs to the eyebrows (or the closing eyebrows), it will give even, well-groomed hair Parisian chic, and wavy hair-wig will help create an elegantly romantic image. If you are looking for a short creative haircut in 2014, the "squeak of the season" became a square laid as follows: wavy, bulky ends with a smooth bangs and a root zone. To give extra charm to the quads, as one of the most beautiful short haircuts of 2014 will help such accents as an elongated chamfered bangs, or thin strands of longer length in comparison with the main line of haircuts. For young and confident girls, stylists are advised to use a shortened version of the square to the middle of the ear.

To the stylish short haircuts of 2014, you can reliably relate and again the actual bean. As well as quads this season, he received a lot of different incarnations. Short haircuts for girls in 2014 raised at the peak of the relevance of the classic bean with a clear cut line (both the closing ear, and opening it completely or half). In the same variation of the bean, the stylists of the leading hairdressing trends suggest using the asymmetrical short hairstyle for 2014. However, in this case, it is compulsory to observe at least two conditions: the haircut must be performed as accurately and professionally as possible, and the hair must be thick and well-groomed. For more gentle and romantic natures, a bean with soft contours and textured strands is more suitable. Easy careless styling for such a hairstyle will only benefit.

Original short haircuts 2014

They firmly hold the precedence in terms of originality in 2014, the haircut of a pixie (with a short "torn" bang for an oval face, or with an asymmetric for a square and triangular shape), and a haircut in an androgynous style, as well as grunge patterns on classic hairstyles - square, bean , cascade.

But the real fad of stylists in this season was a long bang . The most unusual short haircuts of 2014 are based on a short neck and a long bang, but the variety of options created on this basis is simply amazing. This is a long, half-closed asymmetric bangs on smooth hair, and textured strands falling on the face on a layered bang, and a raised bang, both acute and round. Well, for the most extravagant - haircuts with partially shaved hair, while the remaining hair is highlighted or painted in an extremely bright color.

Choose from the proposed images the one that most fully reveals your personality, and - get ready to accept compliments!