Shopping in Białystok

Białystok is a city in Poland, known far beyond its borders thanks to favorable shopping. Here, pleasant prices for everything - from clothes to household appliances, that's why buyers from Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia are constantly striving here.

Low prices, profitable stocks, seasonal sales and discounts - all this makes Białystok attractive for shopping. In addition, the vast majority of goods - high quality.

Shopping in Poland

Previously, this concept was applied to Ukrainians who wanted to cross the Polish-Ukrainian border for the purpose of shopping. It was not difficult to get such a visa.

However, since this year, the Polish authorities have tightened the rules for obtaining visas for Ukrainians - now the process resembles the receipt of an ordinary Schengen visa. From now on shopping tours to Poland and in particular to Bialystok are not such a simple task.

However, for Russians, the rules for obtaining permission to travel to Poland are also toughened - to obtain a visa from April next year all residents of Russia will need to undergo a procedure of biometrics.

Best Shopping in Poland

If you still managed to break through to Bialystok, you need to know in advance where to go shopping. We offer a choice of several large shopping centers, in which foreigners and the Poles themselves purchase.

Galeria Alfa

This place is in the lead among fashionable places for shopping in Bialystok. The largest shopping center is located in the center of Bialystok and offers to its visitors almost 150 shops with clothes, goods for children, linens, leather goods, accessories. This place is ideal for family shopping.

Galeria Biala

It is a real shopping and entertainment center of the city, in the territory of which there are a lot of boutiques with fashionable clothes and shoes, children's and sports goods, household appliances, restaurants, cafes, billiards, bowling , cinema. In a word, there is everything for the body and soul.

Shopping Center Park

Here, under the same roof, there are about 150 stores of Polish sellers who are members of the trade association. Each store has a separate entrance from the street. In general, the shopping center is a complex of shops located around a fountain.

Clothing market

In the market, as it was customary, all products are even cheaper. The assortment is quite good, if you want, you can find both high-quality factory clothes and consumer goods. When going to this market, consider the weather conditions (many points of sales do not work in adverse weather), and do not forget that it is open until 13-00.