Shoes for the beach - models of summer beach shoes for recreation, parties and weddings

Summer is just around the corner - it means the season of resorts and recreation at sea will be opened very soon. This time is ideal for updating your wardrobe, where a separate place should take stylish beach shoes - a guarantee of comfort and practicality of images during the holidays.

Beach shoes 2018

In the new summer collections, designers offer stylish models that will help to remain confident and functional throughout the vacation period. It is very important to take care of quality products, as any breakage can spoil the mood and rest in general. For today in a trend both open flip-flops, and the closed styles. Ideally, if you acquire several pairs. However, in the last collections there are also universal solutions that will complement not only the image of the beach, but also the city bow. Let's review the trendy beach shoes 2018:

  1. Shoes for the beach soap dishes . One of the most popular in the modern market are waterproof ballet shoes for the beach. Such accessories were called "soap dishes", but their stylish design is radically different from the usual bathroom attribute.
  1. Shoes flip flops for the beach . The simplest, but very convenient solution would be ordinary slippers with a membrane across the finger. This option is practical with its functionality and ease of removal and putting on.
  1. Shoes sandals for the beach . A universal choice are women's sandals on a flat move. Picking up a beautiful design in bright colors or with trim, a fashionable finish stylishly complement and the city bow.
  1. Crocs . A popular choice of recent seasons are closed rubber clogs with a flip-top harness, which, if necessary, fixes the heel. The name of such products was obtained from a well-known brand, which first presented a convenient style on the world market.

Women's Beach Shoes

The main criterion for choosing accessories on the beach is a solid foundation. If you are used to high heels, then you will have to refuse such styles, because an unstable shoe will bring you only discomfort from walking on sand or stones. Models on a flat course are considered as an actual choice. However, the sole should be stiff, better thickened. But the top part of the products can be any - woven, textile, wide union and other solutions. Designers use a variety of materials, but let's see what women's shoes for the beach and the sea are relevant today:

  1. The rubber . A great choice will be products made of durable rubber. This material does not get dirty and easy to clean. But it is important to remember that for a long time in such models it is not recommended to walk, as rubber does not let air in.
  1. Silicone . Accessories from silicone have become a fashionable alternative to rubber models. The advantage of this end is a more attractive appearance - bright colors, brilliant effect.
  1. Leather . If you are looking for a more physiological solution that has a beneficial effect on health and does not cause discomfort, leather models will be an excellent choice. And in this case it is important to choose a natural material.

Shoes for pebble beach

Not always the beach resort assumes the improved places with an equal and pure sand on which it is convenient to sunbathe on usual textile litter. Often the most beautiful and picturesque landscapes are distinguished by pebble embankment. And in this case it is important to choose accessories that will exclude any discomfort when walking on the pebbles. Shoes for swimming on a pebbly beach are distinguished by a hard sole that fits snugly against the foot. The perfect choice will be Crochets, which fully adapt to the shape of the foot. You can choose slippers, but make sure that their sole is firm and reliable.

Footwear for coral and beach

A popular type of recreation at the resort is visiting coral reefs. In this case, the actual accessories will be closed models, where you can go directly to the mind. Such shoes for the beach and the sea are made of soft rubber or silicone. The top can be perforated, but the sole is solid solid. Another stylish choice was the aqua shoes. Such products are made of neoprene or textiles with a high percentage of elastane in the composition. The aqua-footwear completely surrounds the foot, passes air and has a rigid base, which is convenient when walking on a relief surface in water.

Footwear for beach volleyball

The sea zone is a place not only for passive recreation, but also for active sports. Volleyball was one of the popular activities. Amateur sports involves playing in a bathing suit barefoot on the sand. However, prolonged training can lead to discomfort and even burns of the feet from the hot sand. In this case, you need special shoes for the beach. Such accessories are a sock, both understated and standard. But the base of the product is equipped with a silicone or rubber lining. Thus, the legs do not touch the hot surface, and the joint is well fixed.

Beach shoes on a wedge

Elegant and stylish choice are models on the refined shoe. This option is presented as closed sandals, and open flip-flops. Women's beach shoes on a wedge suit for shorts, light summer sarafans and tunics. When choosing these accessories it is important to choose a low form of the shoe. Because too sharp a rise will be inconvenient when walking on sand. A popular solution is the rubber soap dish on the wedge. These models well fix the foot, and waterproof material allows you to walk on water, without losing a beautiful appearance.

Beach shoes on a platform

Fashion trend of recent seasons have become models on a wide and thick soles. If you choose accessories specifically for a holiday at sea, stop at the design with an even platform. Pay attention to the beautiful beach shoes were light, which will eliminate fatigue of the feet even with prolonged wear. Slippers on the basis of foam are considered to be an excellent choice. The top of such products can be brightly decorated with rhinestones, stones, fringe, beads and other decoration, which will help to add attraction to the image.

Beach shoes with heels

If you do not exclude the option of completing the summer bow with stylish accessories on the heel , it is worthwhile to choose the models with a wide stable shoe. High pins and even a barrel will be inappropriate, as they will make it difficult to move through sand and untapped surface. Popular beach shoes for women on a heel are presented with a rise of not more than 5 centimeters. An excellent solution will be a wide horseshoe. This option looks nice in the design of sandals and silicone soap dishes. The current choice is also considered open flip flops on the heel and platform.

Shoes for a wedding on the beach

In modern fashion, a popular decision was to hold a marriage ceremony at sea. This choice completely conveys the romantic nature of the event, and beautiful landscapes will add a special color to the wedding. However, in this case it is important to think over the completion of the image, so as not to experience discomfort and inconvenience. A perfect choice are wedding ballet flats on a flat move. An alternative will be open sandals, decorated with rhinestones, stones, tulle, ties of silk or chiffon.

Shoes for beach wedding can be completely absent. In this case, the stylists offer original accessories for the feet, imitating beautiful sandals. Such models are presented in the form of a strap, tape or chain around the ankle with a longitudinal loop with a loop on the middle finger. The central part is often decorated with beads, lace, rhinestones and other decor, which looks very gentle and elegant.

Branded beach shoes

In today's market, you can choose not only a stylish, but also a quality option for completing the image. Branded products are characterized by high wear resistance and reliability. And if you stay on exclusive collections, then your bow will be original and unusual. Special accessories, for example, for pebbles or corals, it is better to choose from well-known companies. This solution will guarantee quality and practicality. Let's see what brands are most popular in the production of beach products:

  1. Chanel . In the collections of this brand you will find not only high-quality, but also refined products that will complement both beach and city bow. Designers offer comfortable rubber slippers and practical leather accessories.
  1. Crocs . A well-known brand will help you find your "own" model of convenient Crocs. In the collection of the brand there are also more accurate soap dishes, sandals and sandals made of hard resin and silicone.
  1. Rider . The best rubber beach shoes are presented in the collections of this brand. The design of the products is simple, but very convenient. And as the materials used, there can be no doubt.

Beach shoes De Fonseca

This popular and very cute shoe brand will help to choose products for every occasion, taste and wallet. Actual in the modern market is footwear for the beach with pebbles, represented not only from quality materials, but also in stylish design. In the fashion collections of De Fonseca you will choose a beautiful versatile version that can be combined with a swimsuit in the daytime, and in the evening with a feminine dress . Designers offer stylish accessories not only for women, but also for men and children, which helps make a quick and easy purchase for the whole family.

Grendha beach shoes

The products of this brand are recognizable in the modern market with their Brazilian colorful style. And even if the products are made in low-key colors, their design is always complemented by an attractive finish. Fashion designers use the most feminine solutions - bows, stones, rhinestones and other decor. In the fashion collections there are both rubber shoes for the beach and leather products. At the same time, all materials meet the high quality, wear-resistant and practical. If you are looking for a convenient and at the same time stylish option, it is worthwhile to focus on the Grendha campaign.

Nike Beach Shoes

This American sports brand has already been told about everything and even more. Therefore, as a product of Nike, no one doubts. A stylish design will complement the practical choice and make the image memorable. Summer beach shoes Nike is represented mainly by fashionable Vietnamese and shale. Here, materials such as rubber, polyurethane, textiles and leather are used. Each model is characterized by a comfortable form, which is actual both for recreation and active walking. In fashion collections, you will choose a bright and contrast solution, and a restrained option.