Secrets of beauty from the 10 most amazing women of the planet

Unfortunately, the elixir of eternal youth has not yet been invented. Nevertheless, there are women who after 40, 50 and even 60 years look attractive and sexy. We will tell you about 10 famous women who are not afraid to grow old. So what is the secret of their youth?

1. Gwyneth Paltrow, 44

Gwyneth Paltrow refers to a rare type of women who with age become more interesting. She is actively involved in sports (she has her own trainer), and she completely excluded from the diet all "delicious and harmful." And she also believes that a weekly visit to a cosmetologist is her responsibility.

2. Sophie Loren, 82

"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than her belief in her own beauty," says Sophia Loren. The Italian film legend still can afford tight-fitting dresses with a neckline. According to Sophia Loren's deep conviction, good mood and positive emotions are the key to happiness and attractiveness. In addition, she leads an active lifestyle and eats properly. And one of the secrets of her beauty is the use of natural olive oil both for food and for cosmetic purposes.

3. Halle Berry, 50

Halle Berry has a magnificent figure and flawless skin. Just look - no wrinkles! The secret of her youth is an eight-hour sleep and a glass of freshly squeezed juice for breakfast. She also does fitness at least four times a week, combining strength exercises with cardiac muscle training, and in order for the skin to always look fresh, it makes spa treatments for the face.

4. Christy Brinkley, 62

Some women reduce their age, but do they believe others? But Christie Brinkley could easily share her age in half, and everyone would have believed her. Christy is a vegetarian from the age of 13. And she believes that to look young and beautiful to her also play sports.

5. Jennifer Lopez, 47

In her 47, Jennifer Lopez looks chic! Not surprisingly, not so long ago she became the face of LancĂ´me. With the birth of the twins Max and Emmy, the singer seems to have become even more attractive and self-confident, so that motherhood obviously benefited her!

6. Demi Moore, 54

Demi Moore in his own years can give a hundred points ahead to many young beauties. She does not look at her age, constantly in shape and always shines. However, she claims that she does not use plastic surgery. She carefully looks after herself, paying special attention to the skin condition. Maybe the secret of Demi's youth in her personal life? After all, she was always more interested in men than in diets.

7. Kim Cattrall, 60

Kim Cattrall is a vivid example of how to look sexy in 60. The actress admitted that it is more difficult for her to keep a figure, as the metabolism slows down with age. However, she managed to achieve excellent results thanks to "old good friends" - yoga and Pilates. Sleep is also an important component of its magnificent form.

8. Monica Bellucci, 52

Years pass, and Monica Bellucci remains a model of beauty and femininity for most men. Monica has an amazing figure, but she obviously does not belong to the type of women who are willing to wear themselves out with diets for the sake of achieving a result. She only responsibly approaches the choice of products and tries to lead an active lifestyle. The actress has never hidden her beauty - she is sure: her appearance can be a powerful weapon that is always at hand.

9. Jane Fonda, 79

Besides age, there is not the slightest sign that Jane Fonda could be called a "grandmother". All her life, this woman did everything to make the other fair sex feel more beautiful, just remember her campaign to promote aerobics around the world, which she deployed in the 80's. She is not only a talented actress, but also a real fighter for a healthy lifestyle.

10. Sofia Vergara, 44

The Colombian actress and model Sofia Vergara is famous not only for her extraordinary eyes, but also for the sharp figure - the object of envy of many younger girls. It is all the more surprising that Sofia started fitness only after forty.