Inspiring Barbie: Mattel released 17 puppets of great women!

Barbie doll - this is perhaps the most favorite toy of all the girls of the world. And it's not surprising, because in her 58 years she practically "brought up" more than one generation, and today she continues to teach us to be feminine, stylish and popular!

But, alas, among the fans of the most famous and sold doll on the planet, there are those who criticize her. According to many surveys conducted, the plastic idol has already been accused of having a bad influence on children, including the spread of anorexia and bulimia, the consumer lifestyle and the reluctance to learn.

And you know, Mattel found how to answer this, presenting to the next birthday of Barbie seventeen dolls' copies of great and inspiring women.

And they are beautiful!

1. Barbie - artist Frida Kahlo! Only where is the monobrow and mustache?

2. Puppet copy of Amelia Earhart - the first female pilot who flew across the Atlantic Ocean!

3. And here is Barbie in the guise of Martina Wojciechowska - a Polish journalist and climber who conquered the 7 highest peaks of each continent!

4. Just look - this is Barbie-Helene Darroz - the best woman chef in the world!

5. Very unexpectedly - the Barbie doll became a screenwriter and filmmaker in the guise of a successful Patty Jenkins!

6. It's something incredible, but before you is a Barbie doll, created in the image and likeness of Catherine Johnson - an American physicist and mathematician who contributed to the US aeronautics and space programs from the early use of digital computers in NASA!

7. Yes - this is a puppet copy of the Chinese prima ballerina Tang Yuanyuan!

8. Wow - in the series "Inspiring Women" Mattel found a place for an Italian football player of Congolese origin, the defender of the team "Juventus" and the Italian women's team of Sarah Gama!

9. And here is Barbie the designer! She was "gifted" to Leila by herself!

10. A worthy example for imitation and correct motivation - Barbie in the form of the world champion, fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad!

11. And here is a puppet copy of the daughter of the legendary crocodile hunter Steve Irwin - Bindi, who has devoted herself to protecting the environment!

12. And how do you like Barbie in the guise of a Chinese actress and philanthropist Guan Xiaotong?

13. Well, it's so cool to have Barbie in the form of Chloe Kim - snowboard champion ...

14. ... or a doll in the form of a champion in artistic gymnastics Gabby Douglas!

15. Barbie's inspirational series has become even more versatile with the doll Ava Duverney - American director, screenwriter, producer and publicist.

16. What a cute doll in the form of a champion in volleyball Hui Zhotsi!

17. But to you and control strike - the 17th of all "inspiring" Barbie became the world champion in boxing Nicola Adams!

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And which of these Barbie would you choose?