Prada Points

It's no secret that accessories are the "highlight" of any image. From how to choose the right handbag, belt or glasses, often depends the success of the chosen woman style. An important role in creating a stylish image is the choice of glasses. This is well known to designers of the famous Italian brand Prada.

Prada points are favorites among fashion brands

The main distinctive feature of all Prada accessories, including glasses, is the innovative style, often predetermining the main trends in the industry. Prada glasses are status accessories, eloquently speaking about the taste and position of its owner in society.

The main distinguishing features of Prada points are:

Prada points features

Favorites among the collections of accessories of the famous fashion brands are sunglasses Prada. In the arsenal of the brand there is also a line of medical glasses and a special series with a red line, designed for outdoor activities.

Frames for glasses Prada are made exclusively from high quality metal or plastic. Quite often they use materials that mimic the skin of reptiles, as well as plastic with thin inserts made of horn and metal. Thanks to the individual style, the frames for the Prada medical glasses are easily recognizable.

The traditional shape of the lenses of Prada glasses is almost rectangular. However, along with the classical, some models have a drop-shaped, oval and even trapezoidal shape of the glasses. The color of Prada sunglasses lenses is completely different - from classic brown-transparent and black to variants with colored glasses. Especially popular models with smoky glasses, as well as with coffee-colored lenses.

Each pair of Prada points is equipped with elegant handles, the smooth curves of which emphasize the openwork interlacing in the form of a corporate logo placed at the base. In exclusive models, the brand's logo is made in the form of inserts made of precious metals, crystals or rhinestones. Each copy of the male and female Prada glasses is provided with an individual number, which is applied to the surface in a special way, which allows to protect the brand's products from fakes.

Fashionable Prada glasses

In the new season, the brand designers offered an original reading of the classic glasses models. Clear favorites are graceful "butterfly glasses", spotted frames with metal and horn inserts and "cat's" lens shape. In all models, graceful curves and invariably original style prevail.

The color palette is represented by deep shades of caramel-brown and gray-blue tones.