Oscar 2017 - outfits - the best and worst dresses of stars on the red carpet

Many were waiting with a sinking heart for the Oscar ceremony of 2017 - the costumes of the stars invariably go down in history and cause admiration. From year to year famous designers make amazing dresses of all colors and styles. The fashion creations that the actress wears on the red carpet are discussed until the last seam.

Red carpet Oscar 2017 - the best dresses

As soon as the nominees become aware of the coveted statuette, fans begin to speculate about what a particular star will come up with. Sometimes actresses present surprises and appear on the red carpet in an unusual way. But there are times when celebrities still justify the hopes of fans and guesses of fashion critics. At the ceremony of this year, the best Oscar dresses of 2017 were presented, which became a real decoration of the ceremony and made an indelible impression.

Emma Stone - dress Oscar 2017

The main sensation of the solemn event Oscar 2017 - Emma Watson's outfit, made a furor among the public. She appeared at the 89th ceremony in a luxurious Givency gown of golden color. Describing the attire, we can distinguish its following characteristics:

  1. Best of all, it corresponds to two words - femininity and refinement. This fully corresponds to the traditions of the solemn event Oscar 2017, spectacular outfits of which cause admiration from year to year. The accent was on the waist, and the dress itself was made in the spirit of the old Hollywood. The image left no doubt that the actress came to win.
  2. Boring or vice versa is too bright a product you will not name, after all the image is calibrated to trifles. The bottom was effectively decorated with four rows of fringe, and the top is made in the form of a brilliant bodice. The designer's masterpiece in the best way emphasized the ideal figure of Emma Stone.

Dress Nicole Kidman - Oscar 2017

The hero of the red carpet was also Nicole Kidman, who chose a dress from Armani Prive. On another actress, such a model would look ridiculous because of the color and design, but on Nicole she looked perfect. A little embarrassment happened when the actress just arrived at the ceremony. Designers have expanded the attire of the actress with stones, but did not take into account the tenderness of the skin, so a red strip appeared in the neck area. But the mood of the actress is not affected, she continued to pose with her husband . At the Oscar ceremony in 2017 Nicole Kidman's attire was a clear proof that beauty requires sacrifice.

Dress Kirsten Dunst - Oscar 2017

At the solemn event Oscar 2017 dresses were presented as defiantly extravagant, and seasoned elegant options. So, Kirsten Dants chose the product, made by the house of fashion Christian Dior. The image presented almost coincides with the predictions of critics that at the Oscar ceremony in 2017 the outfits should have similar styles. The designer's masterpiece can easily be described as chic, but elegant .

Dress Kirsten Dunst distinguish such characteristic features:

Dress Charlize Theron on Oscar 2017

In the category of the most sexual images was hit outfit Charlize Theron on Oscar 2017, which resembles the style of the Greek goddess. Only instead of the usual white attire on the actress was a dress with the effect of low tide of three colors: black, gold and sea waves. The author of such a brilliant in a literal and figurative sense of the masterpiece is also the fashion house Dior. As characteristic features of the model, you can list those that distinguish some other outfits at the Oscar 2017 ceremony:

Dress Halle Berry on Oscar 2017

At the solemn event Oscar 2017, the outfits of the stars are characterized by an unusual style, which is memorized and attracts attention. This was fully consistent with the image of Halle Berry:

  1. A magnificent addition was the riot of curls on his head in the style of disco. Thanks to a fashionable hairstyle, the actress looked younger for several years.
  2. But not only this attracted the attention of others to Halle Berry. She justified the expectations of the Oscar 2017 ceremony, whose outfits are associated with eccentricity. Her beige dress with a gray-black trim and with thin straps gathered in a knot on her left shoulder, perfectly emphasized the chic figure of the actress. Merit in its creation belonged to the famous fashion house Atelier Versace. It divided the fans into two camps, some criticized it, and others - praised.

Dress Alicia Wickander at the Oscar 2017

Alicia Vikander joined the ranks of celebrities who chose the Oscar 2017 premium dresses, characterized by impeccable taste. The design model is perfect for a slim figure actress and has such distinctive features:

Jessica Bill's Dress - Oscar 2017

Jessica Bill, thanks to a well-created image, deservedly appeared in the category "best Oscar dresses 2017". She joined a group of lovers of golden color and walked along the carpet in a tight dress from the New York brand Kaufman Franco. Surrounded by the effect of chain mail, which possessed the product. In a way, it made the actress look like a cherished statuette. According to the color scheme, the product echoed with small clutch and necklace-collar.

Red carpet Oscar 2017 - the worst dresses

The solemn event was marked not only with eye-poppingly beautiful outfits, but also with costumes that aroused the embarrassment of celebrities and were remembered not from the best side. They were labeled as the most outspoken outfits Oscar 2017. The rush of the stars did not prove to be effective, and their appearance in public turned out to be associated with scandalous photographs that instantly spread in the press. Worst outfits - Oscar 2017, are presented by the dresses of such celebrities who headed this rating:

Blanca Blanco on Oscar 2017 - dress

Honorable first place among the celebrities who demonstrated overly candid dresses - Oscar 2017, was taken by the American actress Blanca Blanco, who is not very well known. Most likely, therefore, she decided to draw attention to her person and appeared in public in an incredibly spectacular dress. The chic design of the product from Lanvin at some point could not save the situation, and Blanca was in such a way that allowed photographers to capture her thongs of beige shade. According to one version, the actress was completely without underwear.

Blanka's dress had such characteristic features, one of which became the reason that the product fell into the category of "Oscar's worst dresses of 2017": "

Mariah Carey - dress Oscar 2017

The singer with world renown Mariah Carey is known not only for her talent, but also for the luxurious forms. The star did not fail to show them at the ceremony, but reached the opposite effect and was among the celebrities who presented the most unsuccessful outfits on the Oscar 2017. The deep neckline presented the singer's chest in an unfavorable foreshortening, since the corset was very tight for her. The dress by Mariah Carey from Philipp Plein had such distinctive features:

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Katy Perry's Dress - Oscar 2017

Another figure, scandalously remembered at the ceremony, was the singer Katy Perry. She appeared in front of the audience in a brilliant, richly decorated paillettes spectacular dress from Jean Paul Gaultier. Celebrity looked great in it, but it did not stop the design thing from falling into the category of "scandalous outfits - Oscar 2017". This happened due to the fact that at some point the dress went off behind the seam. The ubiquitous photographers instantly captured this in the picture, which was placed in numerous editions.