Old Cheekbone Tattoo

The choice of a tattoo is very serious and time consuming. Finding the right drawing that matches the state of mind and reflects the worldview is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Complicating the task and a huge selection of styles of tattoos. Old school tattoo - one of the most popular, which in modern tattoo parlors has found a second wind. Next, consider what the main features of this style, and how to recognize it.

Old-school tattoos

This style of tattoos has existed for several thousand years. The first old school tattoo was made by a sailor. In most sources, the fame of the pioneer belongs to Captain Cook, who actually became the first owner of the old school tattoo, is for certain unknown. But it is known that the first salon, engaged in drawing on the body of drawings in the style of the old cheekbones, was Chamam Square.

The sailors adorned the whole body with tattoos, believing that various symbols allow them to receive the blessing of heaven. Most often, however, tattoos in the style of the old cheekbones were stuffed on the hands and feet. Certainly, in the time of Captain Cook tattoos were exclusively black and white. Today even old school drawings are packed in color, and they look very bright.

Initially, the drawings appeared mostly on the bodies of men, today very often the old cheekbone tattoos are made by girls. What is true, such a bold and conspicuous way of self-expression is suitable only for self-confident people.

Decoding some characters in the old school tattoo

The main distinguishing feature of old-school tattoos is symbolism. Every detail of the picture has a unique meaning. Sailors at one time even carried the texts of prayers ciphered in the drawings to the body.

The most popular symbols in the old school tattoo are the following:

  1. Very often a swallow appeared in old-school sailors' tattoos. This bird is a symbol of earth and good luck. The swallow was stuffed in order to be sure of a safe return home.
  2. The heart in the tattoos of the old cheekbones acts as a symbol of strong love and fidelity.
  3. On the body of almost every sailor is necessarily a tattoo with an anchor. It's a lucky symbol. He always helps to stick to the right path and go to the goal without getting lost.
  4. Roses and other flowers in the old school tattoo are also symbols of love. Today these elements appear regularly in female tattoos. Roses are a great decoration for any part of the body.
  5. The wind rose is an important symbol for the sailors. It helps to stay on track, is considered to be a real guide.
  6. Cherry on the body of a girl is a symbol of chastity and purity.
  7. The star symbolizes truth and light. This is a sign of hope. A tattoo with a star is a kind of light at the end of the tunnel.

Very often old-school tattoos could be found inscriptions . The chosen language did not make any difference, the meaning of the text was much more appreciated.

Modern Tattoo Old School

Today, old school cheek tattoos are very popular, which is true, they differ somewhat from traditional seamans. Symbolism of drawings is preserved without fail. Still in the tattoo of the old cheekbones there are obligatory elements: hearts, birds, ships, plants, images, faces. But in modern times such drawings are often divorced from reality. And yet you have to give credit, even today the old cheekbone tattoos look very attractive.

Often, tattoos in the old school style are clogged from the shoulder to the hand - so-called sleeves are made. The picture is very bright, colorful and conspicuous. Gives piquancy to her contrasting black contour, characterizing the old cheekbone. All drawings on the sleeve must be made in the same style.