Eyes - this is not only a mirror of the soul, it is also the most attractive part of the face for any man. Only with expressive eyes and a gentle look can you win the man of your dreams. Make the eyes large and attractive with a special contour pencil called "kayal."

What is kayal?

From other pencils kayal differs in its texture and composition. To make a black pencil, use Dutch soot. This is a fairly stable and hypoallergenic component. Graphite for making kayal is never used. Pencil should be applied to the mucous membrane of the eye, and graphite for these purposes is too dry and hard. Qualitative kayal cosmetic firms are produced in plastic or steel casing, since wood chips can get into the mucosa and cut it when sharpening the pencil. The first women who discovered this pencil were Indian women. It is in translation from one of the languages ‚Äč‚Äčadopted in India that the name of the pencil means "eye contour".

How to use kayalom?

Today this pencil can be purchased in almost any color. In so many cosmetic companies there are whole color palettes. If you skillfully use a pencil, you can create completely unique images.

But you need to remember one rule: kayal black color will visually make the eyes smaller. Pick up a pencil should be based on many factors: the cut of the eyes, the shape of the face and color. In addition, if the whites of the eyes are covered with red veins from bad sleep or working behind a monitor, the black kayal will further emphasize this.

You can enlarge your eyes with a light kayal. Circle the eye mucous with a pencil and apply make-up in greenish-gray shades, you can use shades of blue. You can use a light kayal of any shade, because each of them visually "opens" the eyes.