Island in the kitchen

Similar projects are typical for the design of western houses. In our furniture stores, they have long been not a novelty, but not everyone can afford them. The fact is that the island in a small apartment kitchen is not always appropriate because of the modest size of the kitchen. But the modern approach has somewhat changed the situation in favor of this design.

Usual to us a table or a fashionable island - what will be appropriate in your kitchen?

It is worth noting that the island structures will be convenient to use, if the size of the room is about 16 square meters or more. Unfortunately, such a luxury is not in all the layouts , because the unification of the kitchen with the living room or studio apartment is becoming more popular.

As a rule, the size of the island in the kitchen does not exceed 120 cm in length, width 60-150 cm. The height is usually the same for all working surfaces. Traditionally, kitchens with such a complement have a p-or g-shape and between the working surfaces should be about a meter distance. Then it will be comfortable to work and two tenants will be able to calmly miss each other. If the kitchen is modest in size, then the island can be supplemented with wheels to make the design mobile in a small kitchen .

Island or modern approach to design in the kitchen

Depending on the size of the island in the kitchen, it is used for different purposes:

Above the island, there are either additional suspended lights or an exhaust hood. In the base of the construction there are also cupboards for storing utensils, sometimes they are shelves in the end with a decor. The shape of the design also depends on your preferences and can be traditional square and rectangular, sometimes it is round, there are fewer original complex shapes. As a result, this design is obtained not only by stylish addition of the working area, but also by the functional element of the headset.