Haircuts - Fall 2016

It's unclear why, but as soon as a woman wants to change, the first thing that gets exposed is the hair. Although, looking at what haircuts will be at the height of popularity in the fall of 2016, you realize that you want to try them on yourself, in order to become even more feminine, elegant and fashionable.

The most fashionable women's haircuts for the autumn of 2016

Bob . Incredibly versatile haircut, which has many options. It looks great both on straight and curly hair. To this we should add that the haircut due to its texturization gives the hair extra volume. An important plus of it is the simplicity of laying.

A ladder . This option is perfect for those who do not want to part with their long hair, but also not averse to somehow change their appearance. Such a haircut is recommended for girls with an oval, triangular or round face. In addition, with the help of "Lesenka" you can hide large cheekbones.

Cascade . It gives any hair more texture and texture. This haircut is suitable for owners of a round, oval and elongated face. True, it should be abandoned to those who love a variety of hairstyles: because of short hair, curls are difficult to assemble into the tail or braid the now fashionable braids.

Pixie . It is interesting that literally it is translated as "fairy". And in the list of stylish short haircuts for the autumn of 2016, I got the palm tree. After all, this beauty successfully emphasizes the oval of the female face and neck line. By the way, if you adore every day to look in a new way, then the pixy is designed just for you. So, with her help you can create a romantic, and, at the same time, rocker image.

Felt . Now haircuts with bangs and without it are equally popular. If your choice fell on a haircut with a bang, remember that you need to choose it, starting from the type of your face. In the trend, elongated bangs and divided into two parts.

Actual trends in haircuts for autumn 2016

Choosing which form to give your hair, what style of haircut to choose, do not forget about the color trends. So, the favorites in this season will be blond, chestnut, black, ombre.

Also, if you become the owner of short hair, it's never too late for one night to turn into Rapunzel. All this is possible thanks to false curls , which, by the way, are now in fashion.

Choose a haircut with a parting on the side - it is now in the trend. In addition, for solemn occasions, give your hair a glossy sheen with the help of a gel.