From omelette to Rapunzel: 8 of the most stunning images of Rihanna on Met Gala

Not so long ago the ball of the Met Gala 2018 Costume Institute passed. It is known that it is a kind of launch for the launch of a new exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum. This time it is devoted to the relationship of fashion and the Catholic religion, and its theme sounds like "Divine bodies: Fashion and Catholicism." Have uploaded the celebrity, right?

The task of each of the invited - to demonstrate their vision of this topic. By the way, this year the hostess of the evening was not only the editor of British Vogue Anna Wintour, the lawyer and the wife of Hollywood actor George Clooney, Amal, but also the sexy singer Rihanna, who does not forget to surprise her fans with stylish outfits.

1. 2018

30-year-old beauty for the event chose a silver outfit from Maison Margiela. It consisted of a short dress, a long cloak, a headdress and all this was decorated with stones. And the image was completed with massive ornaments and boats.

2. 2017

If a fashion-Oscar award is created, the first person to receive it will be singer Rihanna. For example, last year the girl surprised the audience with a non-standard outfit. The modern icon of style and the muse of many designers remained true to their extravagant style and chose a dress from the Comme des Garçons for the Costume Institute Ball. Recall that the theme of the evening was the creative legacy of this Japanese brand. An unusual dress by Rihanna decorated the floral print and numerous voluminous petals. And on her feet were sandals with lacing.

3. 2015

And in 2015, her image became one of the most memorable. By the way, the theme of the evening was "China: Through the Looking-Glass". So, the singer has chosen the magnificent outfit of the little-known Chinese designer Guo Pei (although it is possible that after this he was recognized by half the world). By the way, it took 2 (!) Years to create this amazing train. Rihanna herself admitted that it is very difficult for her to wear this dress. It's no wonder why two men always wore a train. If you wonder why the list is missing the 2016th year, then, know that Rihanna decided to become a junket and in connection with the tour she missed the red track Met Gala.

4. 2014

In 2014, Rihanna was not surprised by some extravagant outfit. Despite this, in a white fitting suit from Stella McCartney, the singer looked still feminine and sexy. The end of the outfit was a choker decorated with stones. By the way, the theme of the evening was "Charles James: beyond fashion." The English aristocrat and politician believed that dresses should not only be functional, but also erotic. As you can see, Rihanna has not lost her choice.

5. 2013

Sexually, erotically and at the same time restrained - that's how you can describe the girl's eye-popping outfit for "Met Gal" in 2013. In front it is completely closed, and from behind a deep cutout successfully emphasizes all the female charms. The singer gave preference to the creation of Tom Ford and the boats from Christian Lubuten.

6. 2011

"Alexander McQueen: wild beauty" - that was the theme of that evening. This time, Rihanna became a red-headed beast, who preferred a black lace semi-transparent dress from Stella McCartney. His decoration was a high incision and a long neckline. It is interesting that with this decoration the girl started the period of publication in "bare dresses".

7. 2009

Do you think Rihanna does not know what to surprise the audience? And how do you like a small black tuxedo? By the way, the theme of Met Gala sounded like "Model as a muse: personifying fashion". All fashionable critics unanimously asserted that the image of Riri that night was the most memorable. Still would! It's Rihanna!

8. 2007

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This year on "Met Gala" Rihanna was the queen of the red carpet. By the way, this is the first beauty ball. Then she chose the snow-white dress of Beirut brand Georges Chakra with high waist and deep decollete, which simultaneously reflected the style of the 1920s and emphasized the nature of its owner. Tempting and elegant, what can I say!