Fashionable female glasses 2014

Stylish women's glasses 2014 - is not just an accessory, they not only bring a zest to the image, but also save the eyes from the sometimes unbearably scorching rays of the sun. Points will even be able to adjust facial features, provided that they are matched correctly.

How to choose the right glasses - the main points

First of all, you need to decide on the form of your face. That the image has turned out harmonious, the frame should not repeat its outlines. So, if you have a round face , then the accessory should have a minimum number of round elements. Stop your choice on narrow glasses with lenses only slightly rounded. Harsh thin contours are welcome. Your option is "cat's" glasses.

For girls with a square face shape, fashionable women's sunglasses 2014 are represented by round frames. When this approach is not to your liking, try on models with slightly rounded shapes and colored accents on the rim.

Girls with a heart-shaped form of face come up with female glasses from the sun in 2014 in the form of butterflies. Your face will be decorated with a metal frame or legendary aviators from Ray Ban . Excellent you will look and in large glasses with slightly darkened glasses. The main thing to remember is that the height of the glasses should be less than the height of your forehead.

Oval face shape - the most "universal". Any rim and glass will be appropriate here. Particular attention should be paid to the color of the accessory. The oblong face needs a certain amount. Such girls should choose big glasses.

With angular features, the "soft" frame elements are well combined: smooth, slightly curved handles, the lower or upper part can be expanded.

A variety of fashionable women's sunglasses 2014

You can easily pick up the 2014 women's glasses for your own style. Do not dwell on boring options. Designers create an unthinkable amount of original frames, they experiment with flowers and decor.

The experiment even reached the lenses. Very fashionable are mirror glass. It is interesting to look smoky colors when the lower part is slightly more transparent than the upper one. The eyes in these glasses feel comfortable enough.

Fashion women who are used to subjugating guys with their eyes, but at the same time want to escape from the sun, can buy an accessory with transparent glasses.

As you can see, the 2014 fashion for women's glasses impresses with its variety.