Children in Provence style

The Mediterranean Sea and the fabulous Provence always attracted people. It is in this region where there is a lot of bright sun, beautiful cuisine, and many magnificent landscapes, this style of interior was born. It's good to cheer up and create a wonderful coziness, which deserved great popularity. In this light and bright charming style, you can easily arrange your children's room.

Children's bedroom in Provence style

Immediately it should be noted that in our interior will prevail light colors and various plant motifs, light fabrics and wicker ornaments. For this style will suit the color of the sea wave, azure, white, light yellow and silvery-olive. All these are natural shades that prevail in the landscapes in the south of France. You can also use light green, gray-blue or pale-lemon tones. For furniture, choose colors that will be bright and stand out against the background of the walls.

Children furniture in the style of Provence is distinguished by its simplicity and elegance. It should give a feeling of a warm, sunny southern summer. It is advisable to use only natural materials. Good looking products made of chestnut, walnut, oak or cherry. Covered with wax or varnish, it must retain its texture. It's better if your furniture in this room is made antique. Even if it is new, it is not difficult to artificially age, using special technologies.

In the design of a child in the style of Provence , casting or forging is often used. A variety of open-work artistic elements will decorate any room. You can order a beautiful bed for your girl, like a real fairy princess. For boys, handicrafts for marine subjects are suitable. Cabinets, chests of drawers or bedside tables are decorated with various images of flowers, castles, animals or fairy-tale heroes.

The interior of the child in the style of Provence is impossible without the various accessories that will bring here an additional home cosiness. Suitable are different small boxes, trinkets, funny photos. Hang pictures on the walls with sea or other calm scenery, revive the room with ornamental plants. On the floor and furniture, lay out soft toys that depict animals or favorite fairy-tale characters. The situation in this room should give its small hosts joy, tranquility and a good mood. Try here to create a small wonderful fairy tale for your lovely guys.