AAA batteries are what?

Thanks to modern technology, the need for wires is getting smaller. To make the device work, batteries AAA type are used from now on. They are also called "mizinchikovymi" because of their small size. They are in every house and ensure the smooth functioning of a computer mouse, shaving machine.

Batteries type AAA

To take into account the necessary characteristics for the acquisition, you need to know the information, AAA batteries - what are they? Many people do not think about it when buying. Buyers pay attention to a minimum of indicators - as a rule, this is the name of the manufacturer. But it is recommended to take into account other factors, for example, the type of electrolyte used. It depends on it capacity, service life, as well as the ability to re- charge .

Manufacturers produce batteries that have such characteristics:

AAA batteries - which are better?

Users, thinking about the acquisition, are asking: AAA batteries - which are better? When buying, you need to study the characteristics of each type:

  1. Salt - calculated for a low load, marked with the letter L in the marking. Common devices to which they are suitable are clocks, electronic thermometers, remote consoles. Batteries of this type are the lowest for the price, but also less durable.
  2. Alkaline - are average in price and service life. In this case, the electrolyte is potassium hydroxide, because of which the chemical reaction proceeds faster, and therefore the return of the current is better. They are purchased for audio players, PDAs and radios. The identification sign is the word "alkaline".
  3. Lithium - put on the first place. They are durable and have less resistance. They are purchased for toys that simply burn large amounts of electricity.

When the device is used daily and for a long time, it makes sense to use AAA rechargeable batteries. Their attractiveness is explained by the fact that they can be recharged several times using the charger. Several types are available:

The choice is made based on the type of device, the conditions of use, the value attached to the brand and the expiration date.

Batteries AA and AAA - difference

To understand a huge assortment at first is not easy. First of all, we study AA and AAA batteries - the difference, which is the size. Batteries AA significantly outperform the AAA in size. With almost the same voltage, they have a greater capacity. In this case, they include the same electrolyte.

Those who are familiar with batteries from the user's point of view, may not even know what AAA means on the battery. In this way, its size is indicated. In addition to this marking, there is a second one, which can also be found - this is the designation R03, which also confirms that it refers to the "little fingers".

Having studied all the necessary characteristics, you will be able to make your choice taking into account the peculiarities of a certain type of battery. To do this, you need to decide what device it is intended to use.