25 "mods" who do not know that clothes are of different sizes!

The times of total deficit have long ended, and today's mods can buy whatever they want - any color, size and style, there would be money. True, many of these parameters seem superfluous, and when choosing clothes, they use only one criterion - "I want this"!

In short, we found 25 such "stilyag", which does not care that clothes are of different sizes. And even more - it does not bother them!

1. The main thing in clothes is to get into it!

2. Are clothes of different sizes? No, we have not heard ...

3. Or maybe it's for growth?

4. Yes, in such a fur coat, Lady Gaga easily and imperceptibly also will take out plasma from the store!

5. Think, a bit corrected!

6. Yes you just do not understand anything in seduction!

7. If only they do not lose ...

8. When I'm sure that your size is a bigger "esochka"!

9. But nothing and does not press anywhere!

10. And if you broke, then you need to pretend that it should be so ...

11. Maybe it's true, no one told her about the size?

12. The main thing is that the head does not blow, and the rest does not matter ...

13. When you're in the soul of a rapper ...

14. But expensive-rich!

15. Yes you are just jealous!

16. Yes, it's just an over-over-coat!

17. When to "XXXL" is still morally not ready ...

18. That's what it means to be in style!

19. Oops ... If only she did not sit down!

20. Yes, what size is there, if people mix skirts with T-shirts!

21. But somehow it all keeps!

22. Nope, buy clothes for size is for weaklings and insecure!

23. Well, we are saying - you are very complex!

24. When you just know that the dark you slim ...

25. Did not you know that every girl simply has to have a little black dress?

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