Tourist furniture

With the advent of a warm period, mass outings for the city begin and in sports stores are increasingly asking furniture for tourism. For obvious reasons, the most popular is folding tourist furniture, because it is so easy to fit in the trunk and save a useful place for food . Surely you have often paid attention to whole staging compositions in large markets. Looking at them, the hand itself stretches to take with it a couple of chairs or deckchairs. However, one can not rely solely on the appearance of folding tourist furniture, here haste and spontaneity are bad advisers.

Criteria for choosing tourist camping furniture

We will start our choice based on the number of people. How often can you even find time for a country picnic, how many people usually leave, how much you are willing to pay for the chosen camping kit - all these questions will help you decide on a choice.

So, what will we be guided by when choosing tourism furniture:

  1. Durability. This applies to both the frame itself and the seat material. You can always distinguish furniture by the eye more cheaply from the one at which the price is several times higher. Firstly, the alloy for the base of aluminum with additives that give furniture strength, can not be cheap. You will never run into a stooped chair or a staggering table. Then carefully probe the tissue, if it is used. The stronger it is, the more time will be served by a chair or a chaise longue. Look at the quality of the seams, thread and ask what weight the furniture is designed for.
  2. The weight of the whole structure is also an important criterion. Yes, you will carry all this in the trunk, yes, you do not have to take a complete set of table and chairs, but sometimes the weight and the truth is important. For example, compactness and light weight will be important when choosing equipment for "savages" who want to travel around the mountainous terrain.
  3. Comfort is also important in this matter. If you find a perfect set of tourist folding furniture, before buying, do not be too lazy to collect and disassemble it all a couple of times. So you check the quality of all the fasteners, and make sure of comfortable use. This applies to suitcases from the table and benches, cots and chairs. With chairs, it's usually very simple.

Set of tourist folding furniture

If furniture is purchased for family use, rarely a preference is given simply to chairs. More often complete sets are purchased, afterwards they purchase missing or desired items.

The price will be formed to a greater extent from the technologies and materials used. Budget options include a folding table and stools with fabric seats. The table consists of a metal frame and a countertop made of fiberboard. Usually the table is transformed into a suitcase, stools are placed inside. There are sets with benches. The table itself can stand on high-grade legs, and there are models with square side frames. The stronger the frame, the better the fabric, the higher the price of the set.

For fans of complete comfort or wishing to stay in nature for a long time, there are excellent models of folding tourist kitchen furniture. This is a very small system of closed and open racks. One is used for storing utensils and other kitchen utensils, the second is placed under the work surface. Such a field kitchen can withstand up to 40 kg of weight, which is quite enough for a tourist minimum.

And in the end it is worth noting that even tourist furniture has its own guarantee. It all depends on the chosen manufacturer. Almost always this is a year or two, depending on the selected unit. That's why it's worth spending one time on quality furniture, but then for several seasons not to fix it or neck.