Poisoning during breastfeeding

No lactating woman is immune from the use of inferior foods. What should I do if my mother suddenly had vomiting, a loose stool, a fever? Let's find out about the treatment of this condition and about whether it is possible to breast-feed a child during poisoning.

Signs of food poisoning during breastfeeding

By characteristic symptoms, mom can understand what happens to her body. All can begin suddenly with a copious liquid stool, repeated vomiting and nausea. In most cases, there are pains in the intestines and general weakness. If the poisoning is above the average degree, then the temperature rises.

Food poisoning during breastfeeding is not uncommon, especially if a woman neglects the rules of hygiene:

What if I have had breast-feeding poisoning?

If the poisoning takes place in severe form, then you can not do without hospitalization. In the hospital, the patient will be intensively detoxified. At this time, breastfeeding will need to be stopped, as antibiotic therapy will be used.

If the condition is satisfactory, then the mother can independently be treated at home, without weaning the baby from the breast. The toxins that attacked her body do not enter the milk and will not harm the baby. But in this period it is important to observe emergency security measures - it is good to wash your hands before every contact with the child, take a shower regularly, limit kisses and hugs, because through the saliva toxins can get to the baby.

Than to treat food poisoning at thoracal feeding at mum?

Since antibiotics are not prescribed for moderate to moderate food poisoning, only time and symptomatic therapy will be required. Here's what you can take with poisoning on breastfeeding without prescribing a doctor:

  1. Nausea. She will be saved by a drink made from grains of dill or fennel, as well as green tea. It is necessary to drink as much as possible liquid for the quickest evacuation of toxins and replenish the body with a solution of Regidron or mineral still water.
  2. Vomiting. Poisoning of mother during breastfeeding is often accompanied by abundant vomiting. To stop it, you must drink literally on a tablespoon, every few minutes. Drugs for vomiting are contraindicated.
  3. Stomach ache. Of the recommended drugs on breast-feeding only No-shpa and chamomile tea.
  4. Diarrhea. You can treat liquid stool with the help of various groups of drugs. It is Smecta, activated charcoal, Polysorb for the removal of intoxication. You can take Ftalazol or Nifuroxazide. To normalize the microflora will require Lineks or Yogurt.

Before the beginning of treatment, a clearing enema is required, which will help to quickly dispose of toxins that caused poisoning. Food at this time should exclude products that cause fermentation. Showing rice decoction or porridge from it on the water, mashed potatoes and croutons. Once a woman feels the improvement, the menu can be gradually expanded.