Plastic facades for kitchen

Furniture for the kitchen with a plastic facade is resistant to various loads, such as chemical, mechanical, temperature. Plastic is subject to washing with the use of ordinary cleaning agents, it easily removes stains of grease and dirt, it has a long service life. Especially durable plastic facades, enclosed in an aluminum frame, they are the least susceptible to damage.

Types of plastic used for kitchen facades

Kitchens with a plastic facade are made of MDF or chipboard panels, covered with a layer of plastic on top, which has a thickness of 2 to 4 mm. Types of plastic facades of the kitchen differ depending on what material to cover the surface of the plates was used: roll or sheet.

Rolled plastic with its qualitative characteristics is similar to PVC film, but compared to it, it is somewhat denser and has greater resistance to mechanical damage. The rolled plastic put under pressure on the slabs does not prevent the production of a facade of any shape, but its technological characteristics are low.

Sheet plastic is quite dense, strong material, it is most popular and in demand for the manufacture of kitchen facades. Hard and solid sheet plastic allows furniture to hold a better shape, the quality of the facades is much higher than with the use of roll plastic.

Plastic facades for kitchen from a sheet material will not change the color, are not deformed under the influence of external factors, they will long please you with their high quality, rich palette of colors and textures, aesthetic appeal.

Differences between these two species affect the price of kitchen furniture, but in any case, it is not large and is the average price segment.