Leather Jackets - Fashion 2015

In the autumn and winter collections, world couturiers showed themselves in different ways, but here in 2015 women's leather jackets were practically conservative: a biker jacket, a jacket, an elongated jacket. The differences were met only in color, well, the stylish style of outerwear - cape or cape - also introduced some vivacity into the assortment of brands.

Combine them in the new year will be all the same with short flying or knitted maxi-dresses, shortened trousers, hats, creepers and much more.

2015 - which leather jackets are now in fashion?

  1. Jacket-bomb . Sports jackets with a zipper with elastic bands on the cuffs, collar and below this season - one of the trend things. Bomber liked so much that fashion designers and designers deftly moving their hands even coats and raincoats did in their image and likeness. It looks like this jacket is dynamic, polusportivno. It is perfectly combined with boots on a rough tractor sole.
  2. Jacket is a scythe . Bikers' jackets were named after the people because of the zipper-fastener, which is always in front and along the oblique. It is recommended to buy all fashion-stylists as a basic - and women of all ages and complexions. The scythe looks stylishly in combination with a boho-chic dress, where multi-tiered skirts, long ornaments from a heap of yarns, fur vests and fringed shoes are present.
  3. An elongated jacket . It looks more conservative, suitable for women aged 45+, who want to cover the inguinal region. Such outerwear perfectly protects against cold and wind (unlike the previous version), but it, for example, is not so convenient to drive. It is the only one, as a rule, performs the function of exclusively outerwear and will look inappropriate in the room.
  4. Jacket-jacket . In the fashion in autumn-winter 2015-2016 and leather jackets, reminiscent of single-breasted or double-breasted jackets. To the model does not look extremely strict and mediocre, it is complemented by fringe, patch pockets with valves, decorative stitching and the like.
  5. Cape . Cape sleeveless with slits for the hands - a real "main stream". Like the biker leather jackets , the fashion in 2015 cap was present on a huge number of shows. Can be woolen, suede or, of course, leather. To highlight such models even more, designers often bet on the texture of the material - the skin of a python or crocodile, for example.
  6. The jacket is aviator . Chic model, which is in demand both for men and women. It is easy to recognize by fur trim on the collar and cuffs. Bulky, looks great with feminine dresses.

With what to wear fashionable women's leather jackets 2015?

About the key elements, which will look good almost any of the listed models, has already been told above. A few words need to be said about shoes. For stylish leather jackets 2015, it's better to choose leather products. If you opted for "kosuh", you should avoid the abundance of rhinestones and stones on other products - they will be discordant with the style of the jacket.

Crappers (shoes on a thick sole) or simple boats on a hairpin look safe with a leather cafe. Also, such outerwear is well complemented with voluminous scarves.