Fashionable haircuts - Fall 2014

All women from time to time want some kind of change in life. And, of course, the first thing that comes to mind is a new fashionable haircut. Someone wants to radically change their image, others do not dare to do such experiments, but prefer more classic hairstyles.

In today's review, we suggest to find out what trendy haircuts will be in the trend in the fall and winter of 2014. And since stylists always offer a large selection of hairstyles, every fashionista will choose the most optimal option for herself.

Haircuts - autumn-winter 2014

First of all, professionals in the field of beauty advise women not to be afraid to go on bold experiments. Sometimes it is necessary to radically change its image, and experienced stylists will gladly help in this.

So, among the most sexy and stylish haircuts for the fall of 2014 were the beloved "Bob" and "Pixie". It is to these models that many world stars prefer.

Also in vogue come back and ultrashort hair. For example, the haircut "Garzon" in the fall of 2014 will be in a trend. Despite the short length, it fits perfectly into a tender romantic and feminine image.

Owners of medium-length hair can experiment with different variants of "Kare" or "Bob". Lines can be as clear and even, and various techniques, such as asymmetry and graduation, can be used.

Also in the new season is very popular androgynous style, which involves a combination of male and female elements. For example, it can be a hairstyle with a shaven temple on one side. And the hair can be both medium length, and long enough.

Well, if you refer yourself to a real lady or romantic person, then the "Cascade" is exactly what you need. Asymmetric bangs, gracefully falling to one side, ladder and smooth transitions create additional volume. With the help of various styling techniques, you can create original images that will attract the attention of others.

Despite the fashion trends, you should always choose a haircut, given the shape and structure of the face. The most important thing is that the chosen hairstyle emphasizes all the dignities, and then you will look stylish and effective.