Black feces in the adult - what does this mean?

Strange color feces can appear as a result of the use of certain food products, medicines, vitamins, food additives. But the fact that black feces in an adult is a sign of many gastrointestinal diseases is not known to many, which means it is worth to find out why this phenomenon has arisen.

Why does an adult become black when eating food?

In the case where a person's color changes sharply, do not panic. The first thing you need to do is remember all the products that he used during the last two days. In most cases, this is the main reason for the change in the stain of feces.

There are several main products that lead to the appearance of black stools:

If no painful sensations appear after the color change is detected, do not make premature conclusions. To begin with, you just need to watch the chair for three days. Usually during this time everything passes.

What does the black color of an adult feces mean when taking medications or vitamins?

The change in the color of the discharge may occur due to the fact that the person took one or several preparations the day before:

  1. Activated carbon. If the agent was used for poisoning in the proper dosage. During removal of toxins and the drug itself, the color of the stool changes to gray or black. This can last several days.
  2. Vitamin complexes or individual additives often affect the color of discharge. Especially it is worth considering during pregnancy. Often they affect the color of the stool. This is considered absolutely normal and does not require any treatment. So from the body displays excess iron. At the same time, there is no need to stop taking vitamins.
  3. Aspirin, Nimesil or Ibuprofen. In the case of prolonged use of one or more drugs, the color of the masses may change - this involves the appropriate processes in the body.
  4. Medicines that contain bismuth. Usually, such drugs are prescribed for the treatment of ulcers of the intestine or various ailments developing in the duodenum.

The cause of black inclusions in the feces of an adult with disease

In case of appearance of gray and black impregnations in the secretions, it is necessary to pay attention to the work of the digestive tract. This can talk about:

Staining of the stool occurs under the influence of hydrochloric acid, contained in the stomach. It is it contributes to the appearance of black hemin, formed from red hemoglobin.

In the case of internal bleeding, in addition to the existing symptoms, others often occur. Among the most common manifestations:

Often with severe bleeding, heart failure develops in acute form. There may be pain. In this case, the patient needs immediate medical attention. In another variant, the state will only worsen. It is not recommended to take any medication before the arrival of a qualified specialist.