The right combination of colors in clothes

Clothes - this is the "wrapper" by which we are judged at first glance, this is our way to stand out and emphasize the bright nuances of your personality, your inclinations, and sometimes your desires. Clothes say a lot, the main thing is that she does not scream about bad taste on every corner.

To look attractive and unforgettable at work, on vacation, in a gym, at a gala event or just for a walk with friends, you need to know the basic rules of the perfect combination of colors in clothes that suit any style and are always relevant:

A palette of advantageous combination of colors in clothes

World fashion designers constantly surprise and even shock us with new models, d├ęcor options, mega-fashion palettes and textures of materials, but they necessarily resort to using the color spectrum to get those sought-after, new and fresh color combinations in clothes, a variety of accessories and shoes. Here are some examples of fashionable color "consonances":

  1. Monochrome . If a few interesting and not too catchy shades of the same color make up the palette of your outfit, it will not spoil the picture at all, especially if the accent is made on some leading shade. In the color spectrum, positions that go one after another are quite compatible, like their shades. For example, green skinny jeans will effectively support a chiffon blouse of light salad color, and a gently yellow jacket with a 3/4 sleeve will be an excellent support for these leaders.
  2. A fashionable combination of colors is complementary . Colors located in the spectrum opposite each other, in tandem form an interesting and boring picture, you get a rich image. The main thing here is not to overdo the decorations and accessories, so as not to "overload" your onions. An example is a turquoise dress with a light blouse of a delicate peach shade, then harmony will be provided to you.
  3. The Triad . Such a fashionable combination will be obtained if we imagine an equilateral triangle whose vertices touch one specific color in the spectrum. Such a great trio will help you look impressive, but not vulgarly, and the image will be saturated, but not eclectic. For example, imagine narrowed breeches of light mustard color, a light gently-green tunic and a translucent lilac neck scarf. The connections of this tandem can be strengthened with a manicure or lipstick under the color of a kerchief.

Do not be afraid of experiments, try on different images, embody even the most bold and unusual ideas to others, and then you will definitely find your combination of treasured colors in clothes, shoes, and even in the surrounding world.