Block House in the interior

In our modern world, with its frenzied speed, the Internet, mobile communication, new opportunities, ordinary people are more and more angrily recalling the Russian village. Plastic, concrete and glass cause nostalgia for the old traditions, Russian fairy tales, traditional log hut. Those who have a country house, can now easily erect a bathhouse in the form of a log house, or even build a real wooden manor house from a round log. But expensive kinds of wood are far from affordable for everyone. That is why many began to pay attention to the block house - a kind of habitual solid boarding that imitates a natural frame.

Now there is a block house for exterior finishing and for interior works. This makes it possible to sew with this material not only a bathhouse or a dacha, but also a living room, a library, a balcony, and another room. For the production of this lining, various coniferous tree species, lime, alder, birch are used. But the hardwoods experts do not recommend to use for outdoor works, they are better to start for interior decoration. Depending on the quality of the products, it is divided into three classes - "extra", class "A" and class "B". This lumber is very easy to use. Selected grooves and spikes in the board make the process of finishing the interior of the block house quick and pleasant.

Block House in the interior of the house

Using this material, you will create a wonderful illusion that your dwelling is built from a solid log. The lining is narrow or wide. Narrow block house is most often used for interior decoration, and wide - for lining the walls of the house from the outside. The modern lining is equipped with air outlets, due to which the stress of wood is reduced and the insulation of the dwelling is improved. The walls themselves can be built from any material - brick, concrete, cinder block, stone. But it does not hurt to sew it outside or from the interior with block house, giving the building a spectacular and unique look.

Let's list the advantages of finishing the house with a block house:

  1. Harmless wood does not adversely affect the health of family members.
  2. This material is durable and lightweight, can withstand heavy loads.
  3. Block-house provides noise insulation and insulation of the room.
  4. The house creates a healthy microclimate, the air is filled with the aroma of natural wood.
  5. The tree looks good next to other finishing materials - wrought iron, brick, various decorative elements.
  6. Hide are various flaws, which always happen in the process of construction.
  7. The house has the opportunity to "breathe".

The interior decoration of the block house is perfect for a sauna or a sauna. Here its application is almost an ideal option. Very often people buy such lining for lining mansards, where other types of building materials use is inexpedient. Can I use block house in the interior of the apartment? Quite a lot of people want to recreate the illusion of a country house at home. It will look unusual and extremely colorful afterwards. Of course, for such works it is better to buy a higher grade tree, which is not very cheap. In a class "A" and "B" material, a number of knots or mechanical damages are allowed. Although our masters are excellent at concealing minor defects.

It is absolutely not necessary to cover the entire apartment block house. It can be used for cladding balconies or loggias. In this case, a small room will become much more comfortable, turning into a small fairy-tale wooden house. The block house design is suitable for Provence style , country, rustic Russian style, Scandinavian, Canadian house. The kitchen is beautifully decorated in the form of an old Russian hut. For the best effect, you can add ornaments in the form of folk paintings, forged products, objects made of clay or vines. Those who like to experiment, can try to dilute the trendy high-tech rural flavor. This combination can not only surprise, your situation will look extremely effective.