Kim Kardashian decided to release a line of lingerie with a scandalous name

The famous 37-year-old American Kim Kardashian continues to develop as a businesswoman. The other day she announced the release of a collection of lingerie, which was named Kimono Intimates. Representatives of Kim have already submitted documents for registration of this trademark, but only many fans with this name do not agree.

Kim Kardashian

Kim told about her collection

After it became known that Kardashian will produce underwear for women, Instagram had a small note from the 37-year-old businesswoman, who had such words:

"I always dreamed of being a designer of lingerie. The fact is that for quite a long time I was faced with a problem, which consists in the impossibility of choosing simultaneously beautiful and comfortable panties and bra. If these are exquisite lace items, then they are somehow uncomfortable, and if it is cotton underwear, it does not look very chic. This is the problem I decided in my collection. I'm sure that the presented panties, bras, corsets and belts for stockings will appeal to many women of fashion, because they go in not only beautiful, but also very convenient. As for the color scheme, I decided to stay on traditional and neutral colors. It seems to me that the presence of bright blue or orange in the collection of underwear is now not very relevant. I really hope that my products will appeal to the fans and the girls will be happy to wear them. "

After that, Kardashian decided to say a few words about the name of her future trademark:

"I thought for a long time about how to name my collection of underwear, because I really wanted my name to be in the title. I admit, honestly, there were a lot of options, but it was Kimono Intimates that I liked most. I'm sure that the brand with this name will be remembered very easily, and my customers will easily be able to find panties and bras among the mountains of other underwear products. "
Kardashian will release underwear called Kimono Intimates
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Fans condemned Kardashian for choosing the name

As many have guessed, the word Kimono in all languages ​​means traditional Japanese clothes. It is in this regard that many fans of Kim formed a negative opinion on the name. That's what you could read about this on the Internet: "I do not understand why Kardashian insults someone else's culture. Kimono is a symbol of restraint and beauty of women in Japan, but in no way an association with cowards and bras. It seems to me that this is a very stupid decision "," I always considered Kim a very sensible woman, but letting out the linen with the word Kimono in the title is quite reckless. Thus Kardashian puts an end to the Asian market, because it is unlikely that the people of those countries will buy pants with such a specific name "," Is there really no other way to name the brand. If I were Japanese, then I would be offended to learn that someone is releasing underwear called Kimono Intimates. Very strange and stupid solution from the Kardashian family ", etc.